February 05 - 2021
ALANUI presents “West is a State of Mind” a film by Andrea Calvetti

To celebrate its SS21 collection, Alanui presents its first short movie in three episodes:


A journey through the West of the United States, celebrating freedom, adventure, and discovery.


Through the lens of director and photographer Andrea Calvetti, we follow three friends on a road trip in the West, guided by a mysterious Saint Christopher pendant. Along the unconfined space and the warm imagination of the desert, they will cross unique landscapes and one-of-a-kind characters, including Calvetti, our ‘modern cowboy’, playing the role of the hitchhiker.


Along this adventure, the Alanui SS21 collection plays a part in the short movie and acts as a road companion, a part of a unique experience, a garment as a form of escapism.


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