February 21 - 2019
ALANUI presents “Fall/Winter 2019 Women’s Collection”

“Yesterday is ashes; tomorrow is wood. Only today does the fire burn brightly.”

-Popular Inuit saying


A fascinating Arctic escape.


For the Fall/Winter 2019 season, Alanui embarks on an adventurous trip into the last great wilderness.


The crystal-clear purity of the ice, the refraction of the sunlight on the snow, the sparkling Northern bright dancing lights… the extreme, mysterious and ultimately intriguing Polar environment offers a wide range of charming suggestions which combine with fragments of old Native cultures and exciting travelling stories of courageous arctic explores.


A mix of magic and enchantment is injected into the collection, which celebrates life in frigid climes.


Antique Inuit traditions and symbols inspire the charming and evocative jacquard patterns of the brand’s signature luxurious belted cardigans. The iconic Sedna, the goddess of the sea and marine animals, is the muse of the collection. She watches over her beloved orcas, belugas, narwhals and seals, the protagonists of a mystical circle of life at cold temperatures.


Suggestive frozen landscapes pepper the cardigans, which show intricate jacquard intarsia or, through the application of different knitting techniques, reveal diverse textures with a seductive effect. Other handmade styles, demonstrating the brand’s exquisite knitting skills, show tactile surfaces with an Arctic ice-inspired look. The new cardigan-coat, crafted from both cashmere–silk and cashmere-silk bouclé yarns, is enriched with Alanui’s signature Icon pattern.


The iridescence of ice crystals is reproduced with the shimmering embellishments punctuating the soft sweaters, which also show intarsia paying a tribute to the Arctic wildlife.


A mountaineering inspiration influence the zippered knits enriched with geometric intarsia worked in the vibrant tones of the Aurora Borealis. The same color palette is used for the new underwear range, consisting of exclusive lingerie sets crafted from cashmere and cashmere-silk blends.


The quintessentially feminine spirit of the collection is expressed with minimal slip dresses, which are presented both in warm alpaca and see through organza.


As part of the new generation of fashion brands aware of the environmental issues and of the urgency of taking concrete action, Alanui also presents two sweaters enriched with positive messages. “Warming Warning” and “Stay Cool Save The Arctic” are the mottos of the Alanui eco-conscious community.