June 23 - 2017
ALANUI made its debut at the 92nd edition of Pitti Uomo within Pitti italics.

On June 15th, Fondazione Pitti Immagine Discovery presented ALANUI as Pitti Italics at Pitti Immagine Uomo 92. The debut presentation marked an important milestone for the brand as they continue on their “large path” of growth both internationally and domestically.

The SS18 collection continues to build upon the narrative on which the brand was founded, exploring the different American cultures for inspiration and story-telling. The collection, immersed into an installation of tepees and Navajo tents, was presented at Tepidarium del Roster in Florence. The natural light floating in through the large windows of the Italian greenhouse highlighted the expert embroidery and needlepoint work of the skilled Italian artisans.

With each collection, ALANUI continues to employ new and inventive patterns and techniques to create each garment and make them truly unique. The beauty of the brand lies in the longevity of the products, crafted passionately in order to achieve the level of luxury that truly gets better with time.